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Program Overview


Penguin Outwits Fox in New K-3 Drug Program!

The Tuckertown Program makes children in the primary grades aware of the drug menace. It is presented in one week-- a story a day for five days.

The stories are read by the teacher and require approximately seven minutes to complete. But extra time should be allowed for discussion. The following overview gives prospective users a quick preview before downloading  the entire program. Coloring pages, discussion questions, and suggested follow up exercises are included along with the complete text for each story in the downloading section. Please note that  downloading the program does not include the standup characters which we consider important to the program. To purchase these standup characters please E-mail us.

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Mrs. Wilson

1. One week before the program begins; prepare children with the "Letter from Mrs. Wilson" asking if the animals can visit.

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Tucker Town
2. First Day: Our visitors from Tuckertown...
Introduction of animals by Mrs. Wilson. Children begin to learn names

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3. Second Day: Percy comes to Tuckertown..

Percy comes to Tuckertown  from Metropolitan Zoo. He learns from Tilly that Missy is making drug problems. Percy turns the tables on Missy, and they become enemies.

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4.Third Day: Flip and Flop...colorflipsm.gif (2093 bytes)(Flip)

Percy receives bad news. Flip and Flop try to cheer him up with a pill. Percy refuses, and Flip and Flop apply peer pressure. A crises changes their minds and they give up drugs.

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Tilly Turtle
5. Fourth Day: Tilly the Turtle.

Tilly hates being a turtle. She feels that everyone but her is special. Missy talks her into trying marijuana with disastrous results. Percy, Flip and Flop teach Tilly that everyone is special  including her. Because she feels special, she is able to resist Missy.

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Missy The Fox
6. Fifth Day: Missy Fox...

Missy calls Scoop Jones to help her get rid of  Percy. Scoop works out a plan to give Percy a birthday present that will take care of Percy forever. At the critical moment, Missy changes her mind and saves not only Percy but everyone in Tuckertown.

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