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image1sm.gif (46383 bytes)image2sm.gif (12685 bytes) A LETTER FROM MRS. WILSON

The following letter makes the program more believable, It involves the class members with the characters and sets the mood for the entire program.

Prepare the class by reading the letter approximately one week before introducing the animals. Have the class respond to the letter, inviting the animals, and then waiting for a week in anticipation of their visit.

Teacher: Class, I have a letter here to read to you. It came yesterday from Tuckertown.


Dear (Mrs./Miss/Mr. name of teacher),

My name is Mrs. Wilson. I am the manager of Tuckertown, a home for distressed animals. I look after the five animals that live here:

Our penguin, Percy; a fox called Missy; twin seals, Flip and Flop; and Tilly the Turtle.Our animals want to be just like the boys and girls who visit Tuckertown so they would like to visit your school. Do your boys and girls like to have visitors?

Our animals are very well behaved, and would like to stay with you for one week. They will bring stories to read and pictures to color.

Could you please talk it over with your class and let us know if it is all right to come and when the best time would be?

Thank you.
Hope to hear from you soon.


Mrs. Marjorie Wilson.
Manager, Tuckertown

Follow the letter with a discussion that leads to setting a time and date for the program to begin.

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