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The following are responses we received from people that have used the program - we have not edited their responses. We include the owner and founder Randall Kratz's response at the bottom.

Gayle Mamer wrote:


This was the best program that I have run across! I knew it would be  special the first day when the kids opened up and shared their personal  stories with the rest of the group. I teach very violent inner city kids. they do not tell others about  their families., but the openness and out pouring was just astounding. Please let me know if you have an update or another program to follow up with. the kids were very concerned about missy and they never knew what  happened to flop. did he get out of the hospital? was he scared for  life? did he have brain damage?  know all about these side effects and horrors. Please let me know so I  can pass the information along. I told them that flop was very lucky  and had no side effects from his near drowning experience. Also that Missy was totally reformed and could be heard speaking to young animals  everywhere warning about the evils of drug use.

I was thrilled with the program. I will definitely do it again next school year.

Sincerely, and thank you,
Gayle Mamer

Dear Gayle,

Thank you for telling me about your experience with Tuckertown. So pleased that your children got into the program that way. Would appreciate your permission to use your letter as a recommendation to prospective users.
Tell your children Flip came home after two days in the hospital and soon after was back to normal. But he learned a valuable lesson and never experimented with drugs again. Missy is different. She loves mischief and will never change.

She almost has to leave Tuckertown and go back to "Beginner"s School" for breaking Tuckertown's rules in my new values series. Watch the web site next fall for an announcement. This series will take advantage of your children/s bonding with the characters to help them learn more.
Many thanks for your encouragement. Makes all the hard work worth while!


Randall Kratz

From a religious school:

We were very impressed with the Tuckertown Drug
Awareness Program. We
completed it this week, and both of my children
enjoyed each day of it. 
They are in 1st and 3rd grade, and both children were
equally interested
in the program. They were both able to follow the
story and were able to
answer the questions. We would be interested in any
future programs you

From school counselors:

hello.  i spoke with you on
the phone. I enjoy tuckertown immensly. I am a drug
and alcohol counselor. I work with
ages k-12. I'm sorry for the loss of your grandson,
but I am thankful you have written these stories. The
students love the characters and the storyline is easy
for them to follow.


I think that the Tuckertown series is great. I just got them and I plan on using them in the next
couple of weeks with some classes. I am a School Counselor so I go into the classrooms every
so often and teach character education and guidance lessons. I think that Tuckertown will be a
great addition to my program.

From First Grade Teachers

Tuckertown was very nice. My children loved it a lot. I put on a
show and at the end let them play around with the characters. The took
turns using different characters to tell Missy about not doing drugs.

would really like to receive the other stories. Sorry to hear about

From An Indiana Parent


thank you for using your grief as an instrument to create something as a gift for the rest of us.  I am deeply touched and feel as if it were written as a gift to me and my children personally.  I will share this site with everyone I can tell.

God bless you.


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