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Dedicated to Brian Kratz

Often the loss of a loved one creates a special inspiration that can be shared with others . Tuckertown is dedicated to my grandson Brian, whose life was taken from us on April 8, 1996 as a result of drug abuse. Brian's death need not pass without purpose. The perils of drug and alcohol abuse and the violence that arises from them continue to march unabated against our youth. New, dynamic and innovative methods must surface to capture and hold the attention of young children. Programs that are cohesive and pointed with common purpose must reach our youth early enough to prepare them for making choices that lead away from the self-destructive behavior they will likely face in later years.  Tuckertown is an effort to re-weave and strengthen the moral fabric of young children in hope that they may enter the world clothed in a mantle of positive self image, good judgement and solid moral convictions.


Randall Kratz
Founder and owner

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