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Day 5



Missy pointed the flashlight straight up into the late night sky and made three short flashes. Then she sat down by the pool to wait. After a couple of minutes she heard wings beating against the damp night air, followed by a splash in the pool.

"Hey, Missy, where are you?" came a loud whisper.

"Over here, Scoop. Swim over here."

Out of the black night came a brown pelican. The pouch beneath his long beak was stretched to the breaking point by the heavy load he was carrying. He said, "I got your message to come as soon as possible. What's up?"

"Let me help you unload your pouch," Missy whispered. "Looks like you've got a lot of deliveries to make. Business must be good." Missy removed a white package from Scoop's pouch.

"I've got a serious problem," she continued. "We have a new patient, a penguin whose name is Percy. Since he got here, I have lost all my drug customers. I don't know what to do. You've got to help me, Scoop."

"Did you say his name is Percy? Did he come from Metropolitan Zoo?"

"I think so. He had Zoo Fever when he got here."

"That's him. He worked to prevent substance abuse at Metropolitan and gave me a lot of trouble. I've been waiting for a chance to get even. I want to put him out of action for good! When is his birthday?"

"It's coming in a couple of weeks."

"What would make a good birthday present," Scoop asked. "What does he really like?" Missy thought for a moment. "The only thing I can think of is chocolate chip cookies. He's always talking about the chocolate chip cookies he used to eat at the zoo."

"Perfect! We're going to give him a box of chocolate chip cookies that will end his trouble making days forever! I'll come back the night before his birthday with the box all wrapped up. All you have to do is give it to him. Now put that package back in my pouch. I've got deliveries to make before daylight." Then Scoop Jones took off into the night sky.

For the two weeks before Percy's birthday, Missy thought and thought about what Scoop said he would do to the penguin. He sounded like he wanted to hurt him-to make him sick or even worse. That bothered Missy. She was sly and full of tricks, but she wasn't violent. She didn't want Percy to get hurt. But Scoop was the leader of a gang, and Missy was afraid of what he would do if she didn't follow his orders. She could get hurt worse than Percy. She was sorry that she ever got started in drugs. What could she do now? 

image13.gif (67899 bytes) Just as Scoop promised he came back on the eve of Percy's birthday. He brought with him a brightly wrapped package with "Happy Birthday, Percy" written on the outside. "Okay, Missy, here is Percy's birthday present. Make sure he gets it and don't mess up!"

Bright and early the next morning, Missy came to see Percy. "Happy birthday," she said and gave him the package.

Percy was very impressed with how nice Missy was behaving toward him. "Thank you, Missy. I didn't think you liked me."

"Birthdays are different," Missy said. "I try to be nice

on Birthdays and make up for all the times I am mean."

Percy opened the box and found it full of chocolate chip cookies. Nice big plump ones, full of chocolate chips. "This is the nicest present anyone has given me. You know I just love chocolate chip cookies. I'm going to invite everyone for milk and cookies here this afternoon. Will you come?"

Missy looked confused and worried, but she said, "Why, uh, uh, that will be nice. I'll be there." Then she went back to her house.

By the time Missy got home she was worried sick. "What have I done? If everyone eats Scoop's cookies, I might be the only one left in Tuckertown. Percy's birthday present is turning into a disaster."

That afternoon, everyone gathered in Percy's yard for a little party, and Percy said," Listen everyone, Missy gave me the chocolate chip cookies for our party. Wasn't she nice to do that?"Flip and Flop and Tilly started to clap to show their appreciation. But Missy looked anything but happy. She almost looked green-like her stomach was upset.

After the milk was poured, Percy opened the box of cookies and was about to pass it around when Missy suddenly grabbed the box and cried, "Stop! Don't eat these cookies! Something's wrong with them. They came from Scoop Jones."

"Scoop Jones the gang leader?" Percy asked. "I heard about him at the zoo. He hurts people who get in his way."

"That's him and he's going to be after me when he learns that I told you about his cookies. I'm afraid that
image14.gif (81767 bytes)

I'm in the worst trouble I have ever been in. Serves me right for getting into those stupid drugs."

But Missy wasn't in the trouble she thought she was. She had saved everyone from Scoop Jones and now it was their turn to save her. They made up a story about the wonderful cookies and how everyone thought they were the best chocolate chip cookies that they had ever eaten. The story got back to Scoop. When he heard that the cookies hadn't worked like they were supposed to, he blamed the baker who made them. 

Missy was so glad she was safe from Scoop that she gave up drugs forever.



1. Who is Scoop Jones?

2. What was Scoop going to do to help Missy?

3. When Percy received the box of cookies, what did he think?

4. How did Missy save Tuckertown?

5. Why was Missy in the worst trouble she had ever been in?

6. How did Percy, Flip and Flop, and Tilly save Missy?



Draw a picture of you scolding Missy for giving into drugs.


Tell Missy how you felt when you heard that she gave up drugs forever.

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