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Day 1


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Welcome To Tuckertown

Mrs Wilson









Flip and Flop






Missy The Fox

Tilly The Turtle

Percy The Penquin


Mrs. Wilson addresses the class:

Bring out Mrs. Wilson

MRS. WILSON: My name is Mrs. Wilson. Can you say Mrs. Wilson? (class response) I am in charge of Tuckertown. My job is to take care of the animals-make sure they stay healthy by eating the right foods and getting enough sleep. Sometimes an animal that is sick comes to us. Then I nurse him back to health.

In Tuckertown everyone has his or her own house with green grass and a white fence in front of it. (Show picture) Our animals play together and are friends. Sometimes I feel more like a mother taking care of her family than a manager.

Boys and girls, your visitors are waiting to meet you, but they are a little bashful because this is the first time they have ever visited a school.

Who wants to let them know that you are glad they are here?
(class response-show hands)

Who wants them to be happy while they are here? (class response-show hands)

Who wants to be their friend?
(class response-show hands)

That's great. Now I think they are ready to say hello. Flip will be first.

Bring out Flip

FLIP: My name is Flip. My brother is Flop. We are twins. Who knows what twins are?

(class response-discussion-if they are identical how do you tell them apart?)

I wear a red collar so you know it's me and not Flop. Even though we are twins we don't act the same. Flop is too serious and bossy. I am more fun.I love Tuckertown. We have a big swimming pool, and visitors can come watch us swim. Coming to your school is cool. I can't read, but I hope someone will teach me. Flop is next.

Bring out Flop

FLOP: Hi, I'm Flop. I love my brother, but sometimes he can be a pain. Whenever we are supposed to do our Tuckertown jobs, he goes off to play with friends. Then I have to do both of our jobs. Do you think that's fair?

Our story is about the time Flip had to go to the hospital. It sounds bad, but we think you'll like it. Okay, Missy, now it's your turn.


Bring out Missy

MISSY: My name is Missy, and everyone thinks I am mean just because I have secrets and like to get into mischief. But that's just the way foxes are. I think the others are jealous, because I am the smartest one in Tuckertown. Well they'll just have to stay jealous because I'm not changing. Speaking of someone who is jealous, here's Tilly.


Bring out Tilly

TILLY: Hello boys and girls. I'm so glad that I got to come on this visit. My name is Tilly, and for a long time I didn't have any friends. No one liked me because I couldn't run and jump, and because I was uh... uh...I hate the word ugly. But that was before I found out that I am special. Last is Percy.


Bring out Percy

PERCY: Hi, friends. Thank you for inviting us to your school. I came to Tuckertown from a zoo where I got sick. It was lucky for me because the zoo doctor said I would die if I stayed there. I came to Tuckertown just in time because Missy was up to some very serious mischief. In my story you will find out what that was.


MRS. WILSON: That's our animal family. They all have their own stories to tell. And they brought you pictures to color. Tomorrow we will listen to one of them. Percy will be first because he was last today.


TEACHER: Thank you Mrs. Wilson, the class can hardly wait until tomorrow when the stories begin. But right now we can start getting ready by learning names. When I point to a visitor, if you know his or her name, raise your hand.

Continue with this exercise for a few minutes until the class connects the names with the characters. Remembering names will make the stories more vivid and add enjoyment. It allows your class to concentrate on the story rather than keeping the characters straight.

Leave the characters set up for the remainder of the program where children can touch and talk to them.

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